Under The Skin

Movie:  Under The Skin

Rating:  1 1/2 Stars (Out of 5)

Review:  The first four minutes of this film the screen is literally black, and the audience is wondering if anything is ever going to happen.  Then a motorcycle guy retrieves the body of a young girl from a field, and all of a sudden the body is energized or inhabited by some entity.  Which is okay for us guys, because if we’re being invaded by aliens that look like Scarlett Johansson, that’s fine with us.

Somehow Scarlett (aka the woman since we have no name for her) gets her hands on a van, and she tools around a city in Scotland flirting with young men that she entices into her vehicle.  Once she gets the fellow into a building where he assumes they are about to engage in sex, the young man starts to disrobe (ladies may be interested in seeing the “full monty”).  The woman also disrobes, sometimes completely (guys are mucho grateful), but no sex actually takes place.  Instead the man finds himself slowly walking into a liquid pool and becoming…entrapped?  We have no idea what has become of them, why the woman is doing it, or what it means.  But she keeps luring the poor chaps to an unpleasant fate, even a misfortunate soul who resembles the Elephant Man.

Motorcycle guy makes a few more brief appearances; no clue why.  Is he following the woman?  Is he a colleague?  Who knows.  Near the end of the movie the woman stops talking.  She had been quite the chatterbox, but now she seems traumatized.  She is taken in by a compassionate bloke, she stays in his small flat, and to no one’s surprise attempts to have sex with her.  Alas, this ends badly, and she is off and running again, this time wandering through an isolated forest area.  More bad things happen to her, there is a semi-big plot reveal, and the movie mercifully ends.

Huh?  What the ….:  Pretty much the whole movie you will sit there and think, “WTF”??  This movie tries to be so avant-garde that it goes off the charts, much like those ancient sailing maps where the uncharted seas were labeled “There Be Monsters”.

Dialogue Nuggets:  There is almost no dialogue, at least none that is noteworthy, or even interesting.



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