Brick Mansions

Movie:  Brick Mansions

Rating:  1 1/2 Stars (Out of 5)

Review:   In the not so distant future, the mayor and leaders of Detroit throw in the towel as far as trying to provide services to its worst city district, Brick Mansions, and basically close it off to the general public by putting up a wall and guarding the exit with a military presence.  With a vacuum of leadership, drug kingpin Tremaine (RZA) steps in to rule with a lethal iron fist.  But the mayor hasn’t forgotten Brick Mansions.  He figures if it could conveniently be destroyed, maybe by a suitcase bomb conveniently left for Tremaine to steal, some spiffy upscale urban renewal could take place with plenty of kickback money to be had by city and business leaders.

A few good people still want to live in Brick Mansions, such as Lino (David Belle), who is single-handedly putting a dent in Tremaine’s drug trade.  So Lino’s lady, Lola (Catalina Denis), is kidnapped to put the kibosh on Lino’s good deeds.  Finally, undercover detective Damien (Paul Walker) is dispatched to retrieve the bomb before it goes off and destroys a big chunk of the city.  Stir it up, and violent hijinks ensue.

Alas, there is little plot to this flick; a lot of fighting, shooting and car chase mayhem is added to fill out the movie.  Luc Besson is capable of some good movies, such as Taken, The Professional, and the Transporter films, but this one feels like it was originally destined for straight to DVD.   Nothing original or noteworthy about this flick.

Dialogue Nugget:  Tremaine, referring to Damien and Lino:  “I need to shoot the sheriff and the deputy”.  Yes, a reference to the Eric Clapton song (I Shot The Sheriff).




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