The Other Woman

Movie:  The Other Woman

Rating:  3 1/2 Stars (Out of 5)  The extra 1/2 star is awarded for Kate Upton running on the beach in a micro bikini.

Review:  Kate King (Leslie Mann) is a stay at home wife who is comfortably married to Phil King (Nicolaj Coster-Waldau).  Phil is a wheeler-dealer idea man who is quite successful at making a good living among the financial circle sharks that he swims with.  Kate is content and quite happy to live in his shadow, and enjoy the little time that he is available.  Because in order to succeed, Phil has to be on the road – a lot.  And Phil is never alone when he is on the road.

Kate’s first inkling that something might be amiss is when Carly (Cameron Diaz) shows up at her door in a sexy plumber’s apprentice outfit.  Kate is determined to find out what her husband has been up to, and manages to finesse Carly into going to a bar to get the lowdown.  Desperately hoping Carly had barely begun an affair with Phil, Kate insists on knowing the exact length of their sexual history.  When Carly relents and states, “Okay, gun to my head, maybe fifty times”, things go downhill fast for the shell-shocked wife.  Open purse, empty stomach….

Carly and Kate begin to become comrades of a fashion, scarred veterans of the war between the sexes.   To their surprise, there is another woman cheating with Phil!  Enter the super hot Amber (Kate Upton), who is soon enlisted in the secret war to teach Phil that you better not mess with a woman’s feelings, never mind three women.  Or are there more?  Perhaps Phil should have paid attention to that Herman’s Hermits song, “Dandy”:  “And when you’re old and gray you will remember what they said.  That two girls are too many, three’s a crowd and four you’re dead!”

Oh, the fun you will have with this movie watching the revenge plots unfold.  Estrogen laced health shakes, fecal “incident”, contaminated toothbrush, Nair added to  shampoo…guys, do not mess with women.  Their desire for payback is terrible to behold.  Yes, this is a comedy in the vein of “Bridesmaids”, and “This is 40” (also starring Leslie Mann).  There is physical slapstick comedy mixed in with some very clever dialogue.  Some of the best zingers were delivered by a surprisingly good Nicki Minaj in a supporting role.  Veteran Don Johnson, still a good looking man, has a few good scenes as Cameron Diaz’s father and horn-dog with a yen for the young ladies.  Eye-candy for the female viewers is Phil (Taylor Kinney), confidant and brother to Kate when she needs a shoulder to cry on.  One of the best romantic comedies in the last year.  Plus it has a satisfying ending, which is often missing from so many films.

Huh?  What the….:  Kate’s dog Thunder poops on Carly’s apartment floor on cue.  What a pro!

Carly has a walk-in closet with dozens of shoes on the wall.  Sadly, this is probably not all that unusual….

Actress To Watch:  Leslie Mann!  She is a scene stealer of every time she is on the screen.  No one is better at physical comedy.  Watch her try to avoid getting put in a taxicab when she doesn’t want to get in.  Genius!

Dialogue Nuggets:  Nikki Minaj:  “I don’t know why you work so hard.  The best part of being pretty is you don’t have to.”

Kate (Leslie Mann) on the prospect of getting divorced and dating again: “Now the dating pool is a shallow puddle”.

Kate to Carly on the new mistress:  “I think it’s great that she’s super hot.  It brings up the group average.”

Kate:  “I can’t go to jail.  I don’t know how to make shanks”!

Phil to wife:  “I can’t go to work with my tits taped”!







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