22 Jump Street

Movie:  22 Jump Street

Rating:  2 1/2 Stars (Out of 5)

Review:   Two undercover detectives, Morton Schmidt (Jonah Hill) and Greg Jenko (Channing Tatum), are called into Deputy Chief Hardy’s (Nick Offerman) office and ordered to repeat the success of their previous Jump Street operation.  But since they are a little long in the tooth to pose as high school students, they are now enrolled at Metro City (MC) State as college students.  Their mission is to locate and arrest the distributers of a new drug known as WHY PHY.

Schmidt and Jenko’s efforts to blend into the student body are haphazard, at best.  Jenko goes the frat boy/football stud route, while Schmidt tries the liberal arts/ poet route.  The usual college hi-jinks ensue; a few genuinely funny scenes take place along with too many very forced comedy bits that fall flat.  There is way too much soul searching and heart to heart talks between Schmidt and Jenko about their relationship.  Schmidt acts like a jilted lover if he doesn’t get to tag along with Jenko at college.

Oddly enough, for a college comedy there is almost no use of hot babes in this film.  Schmidt has a romance of sorts with Maya (Amber Stevens), but there are no hot scenes, sleezy or otherwise.  Spring Break on the beach at Puerto Mexico, and no worthwhile eye candy for guys to enjoy!  What’s the deal?  Ice Cube does his glowering menacing persona once in a while, and there are too short cameos by talented comedic actors Patton Oswalt and Nick Offerman.  All in all, an OK comedy with nothing special to recommend it.

Huh?  What the….:  An octopus jumping up like a rabbit?  Don’t think so.

The guy on top of the speeding truck who gets slammed off by a metal beam and survives with no injuries?  Give me a break!

The MC State football team is named the Statesmen.  I wonder if the film research staff bothered to discover that Hobart College in NY are the Statesmen.

Dialogue Nugget:  “This is the most uncomfortable fist fight I have ever had”.

Stuff After Credits:  Eureka!  While the credits roll, the most imaginative and interesting scenes of the movie take place, as quick cut scenes for potential sequels unravel at breakneck speed.  Jump Street 23 through 40 zip by with the detectives going undercover at Medical School, Scuba School, Dance Academy, Mariachi….  Plus there are a number of big name cameos that appear in these quickies.


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