Earth To Echo

Movie:  Earth To Echo

Rating:  2 1/2 (Out of 5)

Review:  Alex, Tuck and Munch are about 13 years old, best buds, and totally bummed out.  Their small town Nevada neighborhood is scheduled to be bulldozed to allow an interstate highway to go through.  Their families are frantically packing for the movers, and the boys plan one last adventure before saying adios.

Oddly enough, their cell phones have all gone haywire and show the same map image.  So they pedal furiously out into the desert searching for the image, while avoiding a work site lit up in the nearby desert.  They stumble over a piece of abandoned debris, but lo and behold it starts beeping and doing things that scare the crap out of the youngsters.  They also learn those desert workers are not who they seem, and are actually looking for that piece of debris that now resembles a metal owl with big blue neon eyes.  The kids name it Echo, and they learn it is not of this planet, and it needs their help.  So the three amigos, who are joined up with young teen sweetie Emma, are off on the adventure of their lives.

This is a decent movie; it will be very popular with the 10-16 year old crowd.  A lot of the movie was shot as if it was being filmed on the boys’ video phone function, so there are a lot of quick cuts and semi-blurry action shots.  The story line is not complex, but the movie has a certain charm that makes it watchable for adults.

Actor To Watch:  It was fun to see Jason Gray-Stanford as one of the mysterious desert workers.  He was previously the bumbling but earnest Lt Randall Disher on the TV series Monk.




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