Movie:  Tammy

Rating:  3 Stars (Out of 5)

Review:  Some days you just should not get out of bed.  Tammy (Melissa McCarthy) should have realized that when she hit a deer on the way to work.  The deer survives the encounter; Tammy’s POS vehicle, not so much.  By the time the bloody and disheveled Tammy is able to stagger into her work place (Topper Jacks) to flip burgers, her dipstick boss Keith (real life hubby to McCarthy Ben Falcone) had had enough of his errant employee.  The hilarious drawn-out scene where Tammy gets fired may be the highlight of the movie.

What’s that old saying that bad luck comes in threes?  The bedraggled Tammy, now unemployed and without a vehicle, comes home to the hubby seeking solace and instead gets strike number 3.  What to do?  Run home to Momma (Allison Janney), which in this case is two houses down the street.  Momma cannot provide enough soothing comfort (or a car), but Granny (Susan Sarandon) can.  Fasten your seat belts, and get ready for the road trip from hell.  Somewhere along the way, in-between the boozing, the accidents, felonies, and bizarre encounters, Tammy discovers some truths about herself and maybe even a path to being happy for the first time in her life.

For Melissa McCarthy fans from Bridesmaids and The Heat, you will get the wild and out of control character that has propelled the actress to fame and female movie leads.  The plot line is fairly predictable, but we get a glimpse of the acting chops McCarthy is capable of.  Hopefully in the future she can branch out to do the occasional dramatic role.

Dialogue Nuggets:  “I need you to stop sweating through your shirt and grossing everyone out!”

“This is a Viking funeral for a jet ski, although we did not have the opportunity to feel the mighty engine thrum between our thighs.”

“I was afraid to eat the meat in jail.”

“My Dad is starting to flash his breasts at the lesbians.”

“We die out here we’re just raccoon food.”

“I’m kind of like a Cheeto – you can’t eat just one!”

Actor to Watch:  It was great to see Dan Akeroyd, even in a small supporting role.


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