Begin Again

Movie:  Begin Again

Rating:  3 Stars (Out of 5)

Review:  Dan (Mark Ruffalo) used to be a pretty big deal in the music business.  He founded a record label, discovered Cee Lo Green, and was on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine.  But now he spends his time swilling booze when he has the money (pawned his Grammy), he’s barely connected to his ex-wife (Catherine Keener) and teenage daughter Violet (Hailee Steinfeld), and is mostly gone from the music world.  Then while nursing his glass of whiskey in a small nightclub on open mike night, he hears Greta (Kiera Knightly) sing her song.

Through his booze infused fog, Dan is sure he has finally discovered a great new talent and does his best to become her producer.  But Greta isn’t interested in becoming a singer; she is a songwriter, and is the girlfriend of Dave (Adam Levine), who is about to become The Next Big Thing in show business.  But things have a way of changing, and soon Dan and Greta are discussing her songs.  And they set out on a brave new adventure in making a record album.

Adam Levine sings great in this movie; passable as an actor.  Keira Knightly can carry a tune, but she’s no threat as a real singer.  Some interesting cameos from Mos Def and Cee Lo Green.  This is a low budget feel good movie that is worth seeing in between the blockbusters that dominate the summer season.  Any movie where you get to listen to Dooley Wilson sing “As Time Goes By” is worth the ticket price.

Actress To Watch:  As always, Hailee Steinfeld is magic when she is in a scene.






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