Let’s Be Cops

Movie:  Let’s Be Cops

Rating:  3 1/4 Stars (Out of 5)

Review:  Let’s say you are a couple of guys around 30 years old, one a former college football star who never got to the pros, and the other a video game designer who never sold a game idea.  Your lives have turned into a sad holding pattern of becoming roomies, drinking at the local bar and hoping things will get better, and seeing former class mates and friends with real careers pity your pathetic and useless existence.  That pretty much sums up best pals Ryan O’Malley (Jake Johnson) and Justin Miller (Daman Wayans Jr.); circling the drain of life in LA.

Justin has been trying to pitch his video game idea Brothers In Blue, so he and Ryan end up dressing up as Los Angeles police officers to attend a costume party.  They are wearing authentic uniforms and gear (except guns that can’t fire), and they notice pretty chicks seem to dig them as they walk down the streets at night.  Realizing people think they really are police officers, they engage in some relatively harmless pranks while stopping folks and ordering them around.  Things escalate as Ryan pushes the envelope at what they can get away with while impersonating real cops, and they start going on real disturbance calls.  One of these calls bring the pseudo cops to the attention of a very bad criminal, Mossi Kasic (James D’arcy), who makes it his business to find out who the police officers are who stuck their noses into his business.

There is a minor side romance as Justin, aka Officer Chang, tries to protects a attractive waitress named Josie (Nina Dobrev from Vampire Diaries) at the restaurant where Mossi sometimes makes an appearance.  On the surface this is a harmless guy flick with silly pranks and action sequences that fill up the movie.  But about halfway through the movie you might detect the heartbeat of a decent movie with some acting taking place, and a few mature moments that show these two knuckle-heads are capable of becoming real men.  I found it to be a fun movie that held my attention, with two likeable lead characters.  Be on the lookout for a fairly big name actor to have a decent cameo with an important impact on the plot.

Best Scene:  Ryan and Justin decide to go on a domestic disturbance calls when they hear twenty-something co-eds are involved.  They arrive to a situation involving Precious (Briana Venskus) and JaQuandae (Jwaundace Candece) in a heated argument.  Ryan and Justin do their best to “Control the situation” as the LA police manual states.  OMG!

Huh?  What the….:  The stubble face might be attractive to the babes, Officer O’Malley, but I think LA police officers are required to shave.

Not sure how an out of work guy could afford to buy a former police vehicle on e-bay.

If I had a secret room full of automatic weapons, I’d put a lock on it.  Just sayin’….

Dialogue Nuggets:  “We’re the law, bitch!”

Josie:  “I’m a psycho magnet!”

“I can still taste that guy’s sweat in my mouth.”

“I will slap that little afro off your head!”

“At least three people die at every one of his parties!”

“Park in my spot one more time and I’m going to punch you in the dick!”

“Act like a man for once.  You might like the way it feels.”

Post Credits Stuff:  Yes!  Some amusing clips that didn’t make it into the movie.

Comments Anyone?   Examples:  “Hey, you really nailed this movie!  Good job!  Or, “Dude, you must have been smoking crack when you watched this flick!  No way!”


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