Left Behind

Movie:  Left Behind

Rating:  2 1/2 Stars (Out of 5)

Review:  This is not a spoiler – the movie is all about what happens if the Rapture were to take place (hence the title “Left Behind”).  You know its coming, just a question of when.  Meet the Steele family.  Ray Steele (Nicolas Cage) is a pilot for a commercial airline, and he is about to take off to fly to London.  His college student daughter Chloe (Cassi Thomson) is deeply disappointed he chose to fly instead of coming home for a family reunion with her and her Mom Irene (Lea Thompson), but Ray begs off saying he has already committed to fly the route to London.  A disappointed Chloe visits Mom, and gets into an angry tiff because she feels her mother is trying to force feed religion down her throat.

Capt Steele takes off for London, mostly to enjoy a little rendezvous with flight attendant Hattie Durham (Nicky Whelan, co-star of Matador TV series), and Chloe heads to the mall with her little brother.  While Chloe is at the mall, SHAZAAM!, the Rapture occurs.  Meanwhile, over the Atlantic, the crew and passengers of Flight 257 struggle to make sense of what just happened.

This is a Christian movie with an obvious message, and as with most such films, the message is delivered in a very heavy-handed manner.  It does have some things working in its favor.  The film does have a solid cast of real actors, and it had enough of a budget to provide some excellent action sequences.  The movie is not bad; it’s just not that good.

Actress To Watch:  Poor Lea Thompson.  She is barely in the film.  When will Hollywood forgive her for Howard The Duck!

Huh?  What The ….:  I knew the dwarf wasn’t going to be saved when he tried placing a football bet based on inside information obtained from a child.

When people disappear their clothing is left behind, except for their underwear.   Do people need their underwear in the after life?

People were sometimes just opening the airplane’s cockpit door and walking in.  For crying out loud, this should not be happening!

Seriously, can people be totally clueless?   “Maybe the aliens took them”.  “Maybe a wormhole….”

Dialogue Nuggets:  “If you believe in prayer, now would be the time.”

“When I get home, I hope she’s not there.”

“If she’s going to run off with another man, it might as well be Jesus.”


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