Kill The Messenger

Movie:  Kill The Messenger

Rating:  4 Stars (Out of 5)

Review:   In 1996 investigative reporter Gary Webb (Jeremy Renner) for the San Jose Mercury News slowly pieced together an amazing story.  Briefly put, Webb found evidence that the CIA was in cahoots with drug cartel types to transport huge quantities of cocaine into the United States in return for kickbacks of profits, which in turn the CIA used to finance and buy arms for the rebel units fighting in Nicaragua.  Of course, all of this CIA activity was highly illegal and very top secret.

The Mercury News prints the story…and all hell breaks loose.  Just in case you see the movie, this is the real message; what happens when a relatively small time newspaper breaks a major national story.   Especially when the government is the target.  Trust me, it isn’t pretty.

This is a taut well written movie that feels almost like a documentary.  It is a movie with a message, and you really feel for Gary Webb and his family.  This is the greatest democracy in the world, but there is still some scary stuff going on.  This film is not getting any marketing, but if you get a chance it is definitely worth seeing.

Actors To Watch:  You seldom get as many top actors in one movie to do supporting and cameo roles.  This film managed to get Andy Garcia, Robert Patrick, Paz Vega, Barry Pepper, Oliver Platt, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Michael Sheen and Ray Liotta.

Dialogue Nuggets:  “National security and crack cocaine in the same sentence; does that make sense to you?”

“I gave him six million a week – allegedly.  I was just an elf; Blandon was Santa Claus.”

“Now that you know the truth, you will be faced with the most important decision of your life; whether to share it.  Do you have a family?”

“My friend, some stories are just too true to tell.”


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