Dracula Untold

Movie:  Dracula Untold

Rating:  2 1/2 Stars (Out of 5)

Review:  Oy!  Another retelling of the Dracula story.  Was this really necessary?  Actually, it started out as a promising fresh version, following a little bit of actual history.  It starts out with Prince Vlad (Luke Evans) trying to protect his little kingdom in Wallachia (somewhere in modern Romania).   Vlad is a loving husband trying to protect his wife Mirena (Sarah Gadon), his son, and his subjects from the rampaging Turks led by Sultan Mehmed (Dominic Cooper).  Vlad knows how ruthless the Turks can be, having been forced to live with them and fight with them, courtesy of being sent as a hostage by his father (another bit of historical fact).

Sadly, the Ottoman Empire is vast and its army nearly invincible.  The Sultan demands an exorbitant tribute from the tiny principality ruled by Prince Vlad.  Soon Vlad finds himself in a secluded cave and meets a horrible creature with awesome powers known only as the Master Vampire (Charles Dance).   Faced with a hopeless dilemma, Vlad must choose one course of action and live with the consequences.

I actually thought this might be a good movie, or at least a fresh take on the historical Vlad and Dracula tales.  Alas, at some point it becomes another vampire biting flick.  Pity.

Dialogue Nuggets:  “They brought war to our land, and they will pay dearly for it.”

“Do not ask me what happened on this field tonight.”

Vlad:  “I’m going to win this war in three days!”                                                                                     Close aide:  “Why not two and really impress us.”

“A message from Prince Vlad.  He asks if you enjoy the view.”  (ick)


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