Movie:  Laggies

Rating:  3 Stars (Out of 5)

Review:    Megan (Kiera Knightley) is 28 years old, and kind of a mess.  She has a college degree, is bright, has a lot of friends, but she’s a “laggie”.  Basically, that means she is perpetually procrastinating about everything important in life, such as finding a real job, moving out of her parent’s house, and deciding on where her relationship is going with high school sweetheart Anthony (Mark Webber).  Megan just seems to lag behind her girlfriends as they have real jobs, and are getting married.  What’s a girl like Megan to do?

Like any sensible laggie, Megan decides to take a week off from her life to think about things.  While she is in her procrastination mode, she meets 16 year old Annika and decides to hang with her.  Like with any new BFF, Megan and Annika talk about boys, clothes, parents, and have a slumber party.  Eventually Megan is found out by Annika’s Dad, Craig (Sam Rockwell), who finds it odd his daughter is hanging out with someone Megan’s age.  Megan is forced to make some adult decisions in her life.

This is a pretty decent movie.  It is directed by a woman, Lynn Shelton, and I suspect many young women (and a few older than their 20s) can relate to Megan in her quest to figure out what she really wants to do with her life.  There is nothing especially innovative about the plot.  It is basically a coming of age story, just 5 or10 years too late.  The movie is better than average primarily because of a great cast.  Knightley is fine in the title role, and Sam Rockwell as usual is a standout.  Why Rockwell is not a bigger star is a mystery to me.  Then there is Chloe Grace Moretz, a fine actress who is on the cusp of real stardom.

Actress To Watch:  One of my favorite actresses is in the movie for a cup of coffee, and that is the lovely and talented Gretchen Mol.  She is most recently a member of the Boardwalk Empire cast, and always a welcome addition to any project.

Huh?  What the ….:  Following a wedding, the newlyweds take to the dance floor for their first dance, and it resembles a routine from an Olympic pairs competition.  Crikey!

Dialogue Nuggets:  “You can no longer work on your taxes from 1998.”

“Why would you tweek the nipples on Budda?”

“It was the start of a habit of letting other people make decisions for me.”

“Senior year I was voted Most Likely To Pump Gas.”

“Do I have something on my face?”   “Yeah, my Dad’s saliva.”

“I was just happy to hear from you, even if it was from jail.”




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