Movie:  Pyramid

Rating:  1 Star (Out of 5)

Review:   A giant pyramid has been discovered in Egypt.  It has lain undiscovered for eons because it was buried beneath the shifting desert sands, and only visible by means of high tech searches from satellites in space.   It’s huge, it’s ancient, and it undoubtedly holds  many secrets that make archeologists salivate.  Alas, there are riots in nearby Cairo, and the team of archeologists that are about to enter the pyramid have been given the boot by the authorities, and ordered to leave the country by morning.  So of course, the fearless explorers must take just a quick peek before they leave.  No harm in that, is there?

This review will be mercifully short and brutal.  This is a really bad horror film on all levels.  There are limited production values, no original scary thrills, and worse, becomes boring and annoying.  Stay away from this dud.

Actor To Watch:  None.  No acting in this flick.

Huh, What The….:  We are supposed to believe that a living entity could survive inside a sealed pyramid for over 3,000 years with no food, water or oxygen….

Dialogue Nuggets:  None.  A lot of “What’s that!” and screaming.


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