The Interview

Movie:  The Interview

Rating:  3 Stars (Out of 5)

Review:    Imagine a sweet little 8 year old girl singing to a crowd of people, ending the song with the message, “May the United States explode in a fiery ball of hell….Die, America, die!”  Welcome to North Korea.

Cut to a popular talk show that specializes in edgy interviews and pop gossip, and you have the Skylark Tonight Show, hosted by Dave Skylark (James Franco).  Off camera, best buddy and executive producer of the show is Aaron Rappaport (Seth Rogen), and they have just celebrated their 1,000th show by scooping the world in an interview with rapper Eminem where he admits he’s gay.  What could possibly top that show biz triumph?

Just when he should be jubilant, Aaron is troubled.  An old friend from Sixty Minutes has taunted him, making it clear Skylark Tonight is junk TV and not a real news show.  If they could only get a shot at a real news story, preferably a big one.  Like manna from heaven, North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un lets it be known he loves the Skylark show.  Quick as a flash, the show contacts Kim Jong-un to request an interview, and to the amazement of the western news world, the dictator accepts!  Dave Skylark is going to be the first western journalist to interview the reclusive president of North Korea.  Which is when Agent Lacey (Lizzy Caplan) of the CIA comes a knocking, and says that since you’ve been invited to North Korea, do us a favor and punch Kim Jong-un’s ticket for us….

Yes, this film plays fast and loose with logic, and the movie critics have savaged the movie, but guess what?  In an irreverent way it is pretty darn funny for the most part.  When Animal House and Blazing Saddles came out, they were panned by the critics as a waste of time.  Years later, they have become revered as innovative films and labeled classics.  I don’t imagine The Interview will ever achieve the lofty status of becoming a classic, but it does have a certain frenetic energy and slapstick humor that gives you your money’s worth as a comedy, and keeps the audience laughing.  Good enough in my book.

Huh?  What the ….:  The chances that the suite of rooms in North Korea where Dave and Aaron are staying not being bugged are zero and nada.

Dialogue Nuggets:  Aaron:  “I’m Gandalf to your Bilbo Baggins.”

Eminem:  “It’s kind of like I was playing gay peekaboo.”

Bill Maher:  “A hundred bucks says Skylark thinks he’s interviewing that guy from Gangnam Style.”

Skylark:  “This is 2014 – women are smart now!”

Agent Lacey:  “You have to secure the package!”  Aaron:  “Where the f*@k do I hide it?  Please don’t tell me I have to stick it in my ass!”  Agent Lacey:  “You’re going to have to stick it in your ass!”  Aaron:  “EEEEEEEEE  OWEE OWEE OWEE!!  …. Package is secure.”

Skylark:  “Ladies and gentlemen.  Kim Jong-un has just pooed in his pants.”

Aaron:  “Won’t they just get another chubby guy with a bad haircut to replace him?”




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