Black Sea


Movie:  Black Sea

Rating:  3 1/2 Stars (Out of 5)

Review:   It is present day Great Britain, and the economy is tanking.  Times are tough at the Agora maritime company, and they have laid off salvage expert Robinson (Jude Law) after 11 years of exemplary service with a handshake and 8400 pounds of severance pay.  What’s a middle-aged naval man to do who has known no other trade than being on the sea?

Robinson and some of his other mates who have become unemployed pick up on an interesting bit of classified scuttlebutt about a Nazi submarine from WW II that went down carrying two tons of gold worth 80 million Reichsmarks.  Furthermore, they have a very good idea of where the sub is resting on the bottom of the Black Sea.  All it will take is skilled salvage men, and sailors who know how to run a Russian submarine.  Because that is all they could get their hands on for the mission, a POS Russian sub that looks like an old rust bucket.

This is a low budget film, but holds together well with a taut storyline and plenty of believable suspense.  The Nazi gold is the “white whale” for Robinson.  It is a story of adventure, greed, betrayal and redemption, definitely worth seeing if you can find it in a theater.

Actor To Watch:  Jude Law does a fine job as a lower class working man just trying to make his big score, and maybe turn his life around.

Dialogue Nuggets:   Robinson: “They fired me like flushing shit down a toilet.  This time the shit is fighting back!”

“Boats are like whores.  The old ones know how to look after you best.”

“You’re not getting anything.  You never were getting anything!”

Item Of Interest:  Some real WW II footage of German U-boats during the opening credits.



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