Taken 3


Movie:  Taken 3

Rating:  3 Stars (Out of 5)

Review:   For the love of God, anyone related to Bryan Mills (Liam Neeson) needs to stay clear of him!  Hasn’t that become crystal clear by now?  (Heavy sigh….)  Okay, Bryan is still the super secret government operative apparently in semi retirement, playing golf with his other secret buddies, making time to visit his daughter Kim (Maggie Grace), and even having a bit of a reconciliation with ex-wife Lenore St John (Famke Janssen), much to the chagrin of current hubby Stuart St John (Dougray Scott).  All of this familial bliss goes to heck in a hand-basket when Lenore is found murdered in Bryan’s apartment by the police, and Bryan is left holding the bag (literally, with bagels).

What follows is a protracted series of chases and general mayhem as the police, led by hotshot Detective Lt Dotzier (Forest Whitaker), as they stay on the heels of Mills the fugitive who is out to prove his innocence while tracking down the real perpetrator of his wife’s murder.  Looming in the background is evil Russian mobster Oleg Malankov (Sam Spruell) who seems to have a hand in much of the criminal endeavors in town.  As another movie proclaimed in its title, there will be blood….

As movie plots go, this one is pretty well shopworn with no real surprises.  Plenty of action for the thrill geeks; car chases and gunplay galore.  Liam is still the stoic man of action who will get rough justice done, in the tradition of Gary Cooper and Clint Eastwood.  A fun but bruising thrill ride for movie action buffs.

Guest Reviewer From Theater:  “Film was action packed; had some witty parts.  I never really liked that Lenore, so it didn’t bother me that she got popped!”

Dialogue Nuggets:  Bryan – “It looks like I did it.  I don’t know why, I don’t know who.  But I’m going to find out.”

Bryan – “I’m going down the rabbit hole.”

Man – “I’d like to help.”  Bryan – “You’re going to help all right, just like bait helps to catch a shark.”

“Your wife was just part of a business deal.”

Cop – “These guys could lose a tail if it was attached to a dog!”

Bryan – “By now you know who I am, and what I am capable of.”  Dotzier – “My job is to bring you in.”  Bryan – “Good luck.”

Best Scene:   Mills and bad guy in store with tall row of liquor bottles in-between preventing them from seeing each other, all guns blazing trying to take each other out.

Huh?  What the….:  Police car drops 5 stories and no air bags deploy.

A police officer is overpowered and forced to drive the kidnapper away in an escape attempt.  Then fellow police officers blindly pump multiple rounds into the escape vehicle?  Hello, there’s a good guy in the car!!



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