Top Ten Movies 2014



For followers of Alan’s Pithy Film Reviews, the following are my Top Ten Movies for 2014 (in no particular priority):

1.  American Sniper

2.  St. Vincent

3.  A Most Unwanted Man

4.  The Judge

5.  Whiplash

6.  Imitation Game

7.  Birdman

8.  Fury

9.  Gone Girl

10.  Chef


Best Picture – Should Win:  Birdman        Will Probably Win:  Boyhood

Best Actor – Should Win:  Michael Keaton       Will Probably Win:  Eddie Redmayne

Best Actress – Should Win:  Rosamund Pike    Will Probably Win:  Julianne Moore

Best Supporting Actor – Should Win:  J.K. Simmons     Will Probably Win:  J.K. Simmons

Best Supporting Actress – Should Win:  Emma Stone   Will Probably Win:  Patricia Arquette


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