90 Minutes In Heaven

Movie:  90 Minutes In Heaven

Rating:  2 Stars (Out Of 5)

Review:   We find out right away that on January 18, 1989, Don Piper (Hayden Christensen)died in a horrific head-on collision with an 18 wheel truck.  It happened during a driving rain storm while Don, a Baptist church pastor, was on his way to attend a Church Growth Conference in Texas.  First responders to the accident reached into the crushed vehicle Piper was in, found no pulse, and decided he was dead.  At which time the emergency response personnel called for the coroner, and left Piper in the car awaiting their arrival.

As fortune would have it, another pastor was caught in the traffic jam near the accident, and decided to approach the scene to see if he could offer assistance.  As the pastor prayed over the inert body of Don Piper and then sang a religious hymn, he was startled to hear the “dead man” singing along.  Personnel nearby quickly reacted to this development, and Don Piper was off to a nearby hospital.

This is where the movie bogs down interminably.  Viewers are forced to sit and watch Don Piper moan and groan for the next hour and a half as he fights to survive and recover from his injuries.  The film would have benefitted greatly with some heavy editing, at least 30 minutes, of these hospital scenes.  His wife, Eva Piper (Kate Bosworth) is an incredible woman who manages to be at her husband’s bedside to give him support, hold down a job, and keep the family household running for the 4 months Don is away.  If the viewer perseveres to the end of the movie, you are rewarded with the message about the heavenly experience.

Huh?  What the….:  I really hope other first responders to serious traffic accidents put a little more effort into checking to see if people are still alive.  Ten seconds of a finger on the neck just doesn’t cut it….

Because the truck that hit Don Piper was a state owned vehicle, the maximum liability by Texas state law was $250,000.  That is just wrong….

Dialogue Nuggets:  Pastor to Don Piper – “You did something Baptist preachers almost never do.”  Don – “Oh yeah, what’s that?”  Pastor – “You finished early!”

Don Piper – “I kept wondering why God had brought me back.”

Lawyer – “Don would have been better off if he had been hit by a Budweiser truck.”

Don to doctor – “How bad was I when they brought me in?”  Doctor – “I’ve seen worse…but they didn’t live.”

Don – “I learned that heaven is real.”

The real Don Piper – “God is still in the miracle business today.”



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