The Intern

Movie:  The Intern

Rating:  4 Stars (Out of 5)

Review:   All of us dream for the day we can retire and get out of the rat race and just enjoy ourselves.  Ben Whitaker (Robert De Niro) felt that way after 40 years of working his way up to a position in his company as a V.P. and retired to the Good Life.  But Ben missed his wife who had passed away, and doing Tai Chi in the park and finding hobbies was not enough to occupy Ben’s life.  So he applied for a job as a Senior Intern in a new start-up company About The Fit, run by it’s youthful founder and CEO Jules Ostin (Anne Hathaway).

Jules is young and dynamic, full of fresh ideas, and her young work force love working for her.  Her company is only 18 months old, but already they are experiencing the growing pains of too much success.  No longer a niche company, Jules is working crazy hours to micro manage the company, seldom spends enough time with her husband Matt (Anders Holm) and daughter Paige, and is thinking she needs to hire an experienced executive to act as CEO.  In the midst of this upheaval, Ben Whitaker is introduced to Jules as her personal intern.  But Jules has difficulty delegating work loads, and Ben is left to his own devices to piddle around helping where he can in the office, and becomes a bit of a father figure to two young interns.  One day Ben is called into service to become Jules’ driver, and slowly Jules begins to realize what an asset old Ben Whitaker could be, both to the company and as her advisor.

My closest friend tells me there are no good romantic comedies any more, much to her dismay.  This is not exactly a romantic comedy, but it is an adult comedy with friendship and mutual admiration working for it, so let’s call it a friendship comedy.  Whatever it is, it is a welcome change to the summer movie fare, with an intelligent script and two academy award winning actors giving solid performances.  The storyline may be fairly predictable, but you will like it all the same.  Trust me.

Dialogue Nuggets:  Ben – “I still have music in me.  I am absolutely positive about that.”

Ben’s job interviewer – “What was your major?  Do you remember?”

Jules to Ben – “The job ages you.  Which won’t be good in your case.”

Ben – “You know those sycamores on the other side of the building?  I remember the day they were planted.”

Ben – “You’re never wrong if you do right.”  Jules – “Who said that, you?”  Ben – “Yeah, but I am pretty sure Mark Twain said it first.”  (See comment next section)

Woman to Ben – “You brought a date to a funeral?”  Ben – “I definitely think it’s a good idea to take first dates to a funeral.  It’s a real ice-breaker.”

Jules wails to Ben – “I will be buried in the single section of the cemetery!”

Huh?  What the….:  Don’t think Ben had a legitimate Mark Twain quote.  Closest thing to it is Twain’s famous line, “Do the right thing.  It will gratify some people, and astonish the rest!”

Bonus Twain quote:  “Never argue with a fool.  Onlookers may not be able to tell the difference.”

A Bit Of Nepotism:  Robert De Niro’s adopted daughter, Drena De Niro, has a minor part in the film as the hotel manager.




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