Bad Moms

Movie:  Bad Moms

Rating:  3 Stars (Out of 5)

Review:    Some days it just doesn’t pay to get out of bed.  Life is a rat race, and the rats are winning.  Just ask Amy Mitchell (Mila Kunis), a 30 something mom with 2 kids, a job, a dog with vertigo, and clueless husband Mike (David Walton) who is more of a hindrance than a helper.  The work days go by in a blur, barely getting out of work in time to get the kids to activities, grocery shopping, cooking meals, help with the homework, and then drop into bed exhausted until the next morning when it is time to do it all over again….

But then Amy meets two very different women who have children at the same school.  There is timid Kiki (Kristen Bell), always trying to do everything by the book and obeys her husband, and then there is Carla Dunkler (Kathryn Hahn).  Carla is divorced and very liberated in what she says and does.  Somehow these three women hook up and become fast friends.  In one memorable night that begins in a bar and ends up in a gluttonous trashing of a super market, they decide to hell with trying to be perfect, it was okay to be Bad Moms.

These three amigos band together against Gwendolyn James (Christina Applegate), the president of the PTA who rules the entire school with a steel fist.  She makes Cruella DeVille seem like a meek pussycat.  What ensues is a no holds barred struggle for control of the hearts and minds of the school parents, and it gets real nasty.

This film could have just been a raunchy comedy, and there is that physical comedy aspect that provide some chuckles.  Then it segues into a more serious side of what it means to be a good parent, and gives a few lessons in morality that are common sense issues.  No one can do it all in life; it’s okay to not be perfect.  Decent movie, and worth seeing for Kathryn Hahn’s manic performance of a super liberated single Mom.

Dialogue Nuggets:  Amy – “I feel like I suck at being a Mom.  I screw up all the time, but I love being a Mom.”

Amy to Mike – “Are you masturbating on-line with some chick?”  Mike – “I don’t think I’ve done anything wrong, this is totally mainstream!”

Vet – “Your dog has vertigo.  You’re going to have to carry him.”

Amy – “I caught Mike having an on-line affair.”  Carla – “Did you drive a stake through his nuts?”

Gwendolyn to Amy – “You crossed the line, little girl.  I’m going to destroy you!”

Gwendolyn to Parents – “We need to change our children’s futures by making them go to school 365 days a year.”

Martha Stewart – “Jello shots.  I start my day with six of these.”

Gwendolyn – “We need to pray that Amy’s little crackhead daughter gets the help she needs.”

Carla – “Mom’s don’t quit!  Kiki – “Quitting is for Dads!”

Carla to Amy – “You are going to rise up like a small, little white Apollo Creed!”

Bad Mom – “I can’t tell my twins apart!”

Bad Mom – “I like my nanny more than my husband!”





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