Bad Santa 2

Movie:  Bad Santa 2

Rating:  3 1/2 Stars

Review:   Willie Soke (Billy Bob Thornton) has definitely hit rock bottom.  He’s been a failure his whole life, can’t hold a job, is a small time thief and not even a good one.   Besides all that, has no friends.  That is, except for Thurman Merman (Brett Kelly), a boy who became attached to Willie 13 years ago when Willie was attempting a robbery, and now considers the man a father figure.  Thurman comes back into Willie’s life and grabs onto him, literally, and wants to celebrate his 21st birthday.  As eventful as that reunion was, enter the very devious dwarf Marcus Skidmore (Tony Cox), who has a lucrative and criminal proposition for Willie.  To seal the deal, Mama Sokes (Kathy Bates) wheedles and cajoles her boy Willie into helping her and Marcus do one last job that will net them 2 million bucks.  Which would make a very Merry Christmas indeed!   All Willie has to do is put on the old Santa suit, one more time….

This movie is the definition of “guilty pleasure”.  If you liked Bad Santa from 2003, you will like this sequel even more.  Yes, it has vulgar language and too many F bombs to count, and nasty sexual scenes (no nudity).  But for all that, it has a whole bunch of hilarious laugh out loud moments.  Billy Bob Thorton is perfect as the jaded and depraved neer-do-well, with Tony Cox as his perfect comedy foil.  Bad ass Mom Kathy Bates is a hoot, even though she is only 7 years Thornton’s senior in real life.  Mix in befuddled man-child Brett Kelly, and hot to trot Christina Hendricks, you have a holiday treat at the local cinema.  Oscar worthy, not a chance.  Funny, hell yes!

Dialogue Nuggets (pretty much all the movie dialogue is vulgar):  Willie – “Let’s just say my whole life has been one long f*cking nightmare.”

Willie on past love- “You can only puke in someone’s lap so many times before the relationship turns to shit.”

Willie to Marcus – “Why are you even out of the joint?  They feel sorry for genetic defects?”

Marcus to Willie – “I’m talking two million here.  That’s a lot of fat ass bitches and whiskey.”

Willie the Santa – “When I put this suit on I feel like General MacArthur when he put his uniform on to kill all those Filipinos.”

Mama Sokes – “Don’t worry, I’m fine.”  Willie – “I’m not worried.  I just don’t want you to hork up your lung into my drink.”

Marcus – “How do I look?”  Willie – “You look like one of those trolls that gang-f*cked Willy Wonka.”

Willie the Santa – “What can I get you?”  Little Girl on Santa’s lap – “A penguin.  It doesn’t have to be alive.”

Thurman – “One time I ate too much turkey bacon, and I didn’t poop for four weeks.”

Musical Notes:  That voice of an angel singing Silent Night is not the actor; it’s some dude named Russell Morrell.  Movie opens up with one of my favorite Christmas songs, Santa Claus Is Back In Town by Elvis, of course.  Nitnoid fact:  Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller were told to write a Christmas song for Elvis, and 15 minutes later finished Santa Claus Is Back In Town.

End Credits:  Don’t miss these.  Too funny….




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