Rough Night

Movie:  Rough Night

Rating:  3 Stars (Out of 5)

Review:   Way back in 2006, there were four BFFs in college who swore they would always be there for each other.  Ten years have gone by, and while they have kept in touch, they really haven’t seen much of each other.  But when Tess (Scarlett Johansson), in the midst of running for public office, announces she is getting married, her gal pals decide to reunite for a badass bachelorette party.   Uninhibited Alice (Jillian Bell) flies into Miami along with professional political activist Frankie (Ilana Glazer), and soon to be divorced Blair (Zoe Kravitz), and the ladies waste no time getting down to party.  One more bachelorette appears, a friend of Tess, in the person of Aussie girlfriend Pippa (Kate McKinnon).

The night is young, and the five women engage in the usual bachelorette activities of consuming alcohol, snorting cocaine, wanton dancing with secret code words (tampon!), and eventually make their way to a gorgeous house by the ocean to continue their non-stop party ways.  But something happens to change the festive mood in an instant, and their lives change dramatically.  While they scheme to stay out of jail, the ladies find that being under emotional duress brings out feelings that have been pent up too long, most of them quite unflattering about each other.  Meanwhile, the fiancé is wondering what in the world has happened to Tess as she is incommunicado, sending Peter (Paul Downs) on a bizarre search and rescue mission to Miami.

What to say about this film?  To say it is an uneven story is to damn with faint praise.  After the first half of the movie, I was about to write it off as one of those heavy-handed rude and unduly crude comedies (yes, Seth Rogen, I am talking about Neighbors and Neighbors 2), but then there was that event in the movie that caused the plot to shift gears into a totally different film.  Let’s just say it started out as a wacky comedy, and turned into a new genre,  a comedic film noir, where things turn very dark indeed!  So while this is not a great film, I must admit it kept my attention riveted to the very end.  So I would give this movie one thumb up….(nod to Siskel & Ebert)

Mini Trailers:  Frat Party Dude in 2006 – “Stop making me horny and shoot!”

Bachelorette Girls (BGs) – “What is that?”  “It’s my vibrator.  It randomly turns on and off.”

Tess to a Campaign Staffer – “My opponent tweeted out a dick pic!”  Staffer – “He apologized for it.”  Tess – “Yeah, he said it was the wrong dick pic and then he tweeted out another!”

Alice – “I don’t want to do anything illegal tonight.”  “Frankie – “You just snorted a mound of cocaine!”

Pippa – “This is a poltergeist situation.  I’m not doing anything!”

Peter’s Buddies to Peter – “You want to get Tess back, right?  Then you’ve got to go astronaut, Bro.”  “Let’s get some adult diapers!”

Tess – “We promise to spend the rest of our lives being better people.”  Other BG – “We suck.”

BG to Pippa – “How are you alive?”  Pippa – “I don’t know but I’ll take it.”  Other BG – “She should get a CAT scan.”

BG – “How many strippers did you order?”

“Now by the power invested in me by, I now pronounce you….”

Cameo:  Quickie appearance by Demi Moore.  Where have you been, girl?

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot:    Hard to believe 5 people fit in a Smart car.

Harder to believe Weenie Linguine is a real thing you can buy.    Another sign of the apocalypse….

Astronaut Diapers:   For those of you who may think the reference in the movie is phony, it is not.  There actually was a female NASA astronaut who allegedly wore the space diaper (known officially as the Disposable Absorption Containment Trunks) so she could drive many miles to kidnap the love interest of her one-time boyfriend.  Ick!

Post Credits:  This is one movie that is really worth it to stay until all the credits have run.  There are two extra scenes, and the last one explains a key mystery from the movie.

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