Favorite War Films

The following is a list of top war films of all time.   The list is not prioritized by quality.

1.  Patton

2.  All Quiet On The Western Front

3.  Eight Iron Men

4.  The Longest Day

5.  Stalag 17

6.  Bridge On The River Kwai

7.  The Caine Mutiny

8.  Das Boat

9.  The Horse Soldiers

10.  Paths Of Glory

11.  The Enemy Below

12.  Platoon

13.  Battleground

14.  Saving Private Ryan

15.  The Story Of G.I. Joe

16.  A Walk In The Sun

17.  Sands Of Iwo Jima

18.  Full Metal Jacket

19.  Heaven Knows, Mr. Allison

20.  Hell In The Pacific

21.  The Naked And The Dead

22.  They Were Expendable

23.  Tora, Tora, Tora

24.  Run Silent, Run Deep

25.  Destination Tokyo

26.  Battle Of The Bulge

27.  A Bridge Too Far

28.  The Hurt Locker

29.  Kelly’s Heroes

30.  Lawrence Of Arabia


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