Movie Cliches

Here is your chance to help me come up with a definitive list of all movie clichés that have outlived their usefulness, and need to just stop showing up in films.

1.  Automobiles getting “T-boned” by another vehicle that seems to come out of nowhere. 2.  Computers working at lightning speed.  My PC sure doesn’t work like that!                    3.   Large sized crazed killers crouched in the back seat of a car and no one ever notices them when they open their car door to get in.  Also, how come the dome light never goes on when they open the door?                                                                                                   4.  Bad guys who won’t die after being riddled with bullets.  Or stabbed.  Or both.  But then they have that last gasp of energy and come to life in a last ditch effort to take out the hero.                                                                                                                                                                            5.   Guns that shoot bullets seemingly forever without needing a reload.                                    6.  Cars that flip over, or go over a cliff and always explode in a fireball.                                      7.  People who somehow guess or reason out a person’s computer  password.                       8.   Women who look pretty while crying.  (Thank you Leslie)



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