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Movie:  Self/less

Rating:  3 Stars (Out of 5)

Review:   Damian (Ben Kingsley) is a mega star in the world of real estate deals.  He is a mover and a shaker, and always wins on every deal.  He lives in fantastic luxury, including an apartment gilded in gold.  There is just one problem in Damian’s life:  he is dying.

Damian is approached by a mysterious person named Albright (Mathew Goode), who promises the one thing Damian desperately desires, which is, a long life.  There are conditions, of course.  Damian will acquire a healthy young body to live in, but he must forsake his name and former life, and cut off ties with everyone in his former life, including his estranged daughter Claire (Michelle Dockery), and his right hand associate Martin (Victor Garber).

What a brave new world for this young and vital Damian.  He is handsome, athletic and rich.  Young and beautiful women are drawn to him like a magnet.  A life of pleasure awaits Damian like an open road, except…there are residual memories in his new mind.  Especially of a woman named Anna (Natalie Martinez).  And Damian feels an irresistible urge to know what these mental images signify….

This starts out as an intriguing film.  It asks us to consider whether accumulating obscene wealth brings happiness in itself, or is something more required?  Is the ability to utilize wealth to achieve an end justify any means necessary?  These are serious questions that confront Damian, and as viewers we have to make our own decision as to what limits we would be willing to go to get what is most important to us.  Ben Kingsley is perfect in his portrayal of a rich man in crisis.  Ryan Reynolds is good as well as the younger version.  It was great to see Natalie Martinez, last seen in TV’s Under The Dome, getting another big screen role.  The film unravels a bit at the end, but still a good choice to see in blockbuster season.

Dialogue Nuggets:  Damian – “Cancer is eating me alive, and I am worried about allergies.”

Damian to young rival – “You say I am the reason you got into this business.  Now I am the reason you’re out.”

Albright – “You thought you were buying a new car, and it turned out it had a few miles on it.”

Albright – “Just think of all the great minds this world has lost because their bodies failed them.”

Film Tidbit:  The film credits the Trump Tower for their cooperation, so apparently that amazing apartment of dazzling gold furnishings is in Mr. Trump’s building, appropriately enough….