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Free Fire

Movie:  Free Fire

Rating:  3 1/2 stars (Out of 5)

Review:   It’s Boston in 1978, and a group of people with ties to the IRA have a suitcase full of money that they want to swap for automatic assault rifles.  They have arranged to meet another group of people who have said rifles, and have agreed to sell them.  They meet in an empty warehouse to cautiously make the transaction.  After a brief hiccup where there is a discussion about the specific weapons that were ordered, M-16s or AR-17s, the deal appears to be concluded to everyone’s satisfaction.  But, there may be a fly or two in the ointment, so to speak.  Maybe someone in one of the groups did a bad thing with a relative in the other group.  Or maybe there is too much money in that suitcase to just let it go out the door.  Avarice, anger, and weapons make a dangerous brew.  Almost anything could set off an explosion of violence, and that warehouse could become a … Free Fire Zone.

This is a quirky movie produced by Martin Scorcese that teeters between an ultra violent movie and a very dark comedy.  The plot is simplistic enough, and the action is oddly compelling as what starts out as a simple weapons sale descends into one of the longest shootouts in cinematic history.  A low budget film with some quality actors having a bit of fun in different roles than we generally see them, including Brie Larson, Armie Hammer and Cillian Murphy.  This film is definitely worth a look before it gets squeezed out of theaters by the summer blockbusters (yes, I am thinking about you Fast And Furious).

Mini Trailers:  Two low lifes – “Got any headache pills?”  “I got smack.”  “Talk about using a f*cking hammer to crack a nut!”

Weapon Dealer – “They are going to bring the guns in, put them right here, and tweedle dee and tweedle dum can load them into your little clown car.”

Another low life – “As God is my witness I did not bottle that slut!”

Confused criminal – “Who the f*ck is shooting at us now?”

Curious criminal – “Did you cheaters bring a sniper?”

Bad girl – “We can’t all be nice girls.”

Seemed Odd To Me:  T’was a bit strange to me that everyone had more extra ammo to reload their weapons than the 101st had at the battle of Bastogne.  But hey, just nitpicking….




Movie:  Trainwreck

Rating:  4 Stars (Out of 5)

Review:   Amy Townsend (Amy Schumer) is a chip off the old block.  When she and her sister Kim (Brie Larson) were little girls, their daddy (Colin Quinn) gave them an abbreviated facts of life talk.  Essentially, daddy told them that it was unfair for mommy to think they could only play with one doll their whole lives, and likewise, it was unfair to think that he could only be with one woman his whole life.  This lesson stuck with Amy, as she is now in her 30s, and has never had a long term relationship.  Sleeping around with random men suits her needs, even if she sometimes has to make that walk of shame back into her apartment past the homeless guy who lives near her building.  She has her “regular dates” with Steven (John Cena), until he finds out that he’s basically a sex object for Amy.

Aside from her sexual needs, Amy is a career woman.  She is a writer for S’Nuff Magazine, a slick and provocative publication managed by editor Dianna (Tilda Swinton), and is working her way up the ladder to be considered for a major promotion.  Despite being clueless about sports, Dianna assigns Amy to do an in-depth article on trend setting sports medicine pioneer Dr. Aaron Connors (Bill Hader).  Dr. Connors is a bit of a geek and awkward around women, but somehow he and Amy click on their initial interview about his work.  They end up socializing, and this leads to complications in both their lives, especially Amy’s, as she is terrified of any relationship that could lead to commitment on her part.

In some ways this is a predictable romantic comedy.  What sets it apart from being run of the mill is the sharp writing by Amy Schumer, who has had a meteoric rise in fame within the comedy world.  She has great acting talent beside her, with Bill Hader giving another winning performance following his dramatic turn in The Skeleton Twins last year.  Look for bigger roles for Brie Larson, as she shines in every scene she appears in this film.  Then there is the well publicized supporting role of NBA star LeBron James who play himself, so no acting stretch required.  Look for the movie within a movie starring Daniel Radcliff and Marisa Tomei, as well as a famous trio who stage a hilarious intervention for one of the leads.  All in all, a refreshing comedy spiced with no guilt sex, plenty of snappy dialogue, and a few dramatic scenes that hit home as family members cope with the slings and arrows life shoots at them.  Best comedy of the year.

Dialogue Nuggets:  Amy – “This is not my first rodeo.  The key is to never, ever let them sleep over.”

Amy’s Dad – “Every twelve year old kid in the Dominican Republic could probably beat Babe Ruth.”

Cheap-Ass LeBron – “Do you validate parking?”

Jealous Steven to other man – “We’ll make a movie starring my fist in your dick-hole!”

LeBron – “Did you know Superman was created in Cleveland?”

Cheap-Ass LeBron – “Why do I have to pay the bill?”  Dr. Connors – “Because you’re LeBron James!”

(Basketball court, one on one game)  Dr. Connors – “Did I just score on you?  You are my bitch, LeBron James!”

Kim – “You don’t want Best Sex You’ve Ever Had Guy.  That guy is in jail!”

Chris Evert – “Don’t be a cock blocker!”

Amy in bed – “I’m sorry for nitpicking, but you’re breathing on me.  Could you breath toward the ceiling?”

Homeless Guy’s cardboard sign:  “I accept Pay Pal.”