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The Girl On The Train

Movie:  The Girl On The Train

Rating:  4 Stars (Out of 5)

Review:    Many New Yorkers ride the commuter train from their suburb into New York City.  Rachel Watson (Emily Blunt) is one such commuter, who has a particular fascination with one two story white house that she sees every day from the train.  She often catches glimpses of a young couple inside the house, or outside on the second story deck, embracing or engaging in romantic behavior.  To Rachel, this couple becomes a fixation, as they represent everything that Rachel yearns for in her life.  For Rachel is divorced, depressed, driven to alcohol abuse and prone to blackouts.  In short, her life is spiraling out of control.

Unable to let go of her past life, Rachel often visits the house of her ex-husband Tom (Justin Theroux), and his new wife Anna (Rebecca Ferguson), to watch them from afar.  As it turns out, just down the street live the idyllic couple Rachel keeps track of from her seat on the train, Megan (Haley Bennett) and Scott Hipwell (Luke Evans).   What starts out as a simple fascination of strangers’ lives slowly gets darker, more complicated, and Rachel begins to founder in a sea of terrible secrets, lies, hidden motives and murder most foul.

This is quite a fascinating film, based on the best selling novel by Paula Hawkins.  But beware, this is not a movie to relax and mindlessly chomp on popcorn.  Rather it is a story that will throw the viewer into deep waters, and you must pay close attention as layer after layer of secrets and falsehoods are peeled away before you arrive at your destination.  Definitely worth the price of admission to get on this train ride.

Actors To Watch:  Emily Blunt is superb in this film.  Despite efforts to make her look as drab as possible, she carries this film with her impressive acting skills.  Expect Emily to get a Best Actress Oscar nomination for her efforts.  Also, Haley Bennett does a fine job, and with her recent supporting role in The Magnificent Seven, she is suddenly becoming a star in her own right.

Dialogue Nuggets:  Rachel – “My husband used to tell me I have an over active imagination.  I can’t help it.”

Rachel – “Sometimes I try to remember the last time I had meaningful contact with another person.”

Megan – “The only time I feel like myself is when I am running.”

Rachel – “I’m here because I woke up covered in blood.”

Megan – “Lying is like taking a trip.  Like touching yourself when no one else knows.”

Rachel – “She loved you.  She loved you in ways that people only dream of being loved.”

? – “You’re like an unwanted dog.  You can kick them, and they keep coming back to you.”