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Movie:  Spy

Rating:  3 1/2 Stars (Out of 5)

Review:    Susan Cooper (Melissa McCarthy) is an ace analyst for the C.I.A., and is invaluable directing hotshot field operative Bradley Fine (Jude Law), giving him live intelligence and directions via his earpiece that not only allow Fine to complete his missions, but Susan is often the voice that keeps him alive on his dangerous forays into the field.  Technically Susan has been trained as an operative at the C.I.A.’s “Farm”, but she is too valuable back in the office to ever venture out in the cold, and besides, she prefers to live vicariously through her secret and unspoken love for Bradley (oh so) Fine.

The world of espionage is a dangerous place, and constantly evolving.  Circumstances dictate that assistant director Elaine Crocker (Allison Janney) send a new agent into the field that is unknown to enemy intelligence agencies.  Having never left Langley, Susan Cooper is the perfect choice to go undercover and track Rayna Boyanov (Rose Byrne), a Bulgarian master criminal with access to a nuclear weapon.  Needless to say, Susan Cooper cannot remain in the background to simply “track and report activity”; she soon becomes embroiled in all the action.  Fellow C.I.A. agent Rick Ford (Jason Statham) seems to shadow Susan on an unofficial basis, despite not being assigned to the operation.

This is a multi-faceted type of movie.  During the first scene followed by credits, they are obviously copying the James Bond signature opening, graphics plus song, with some success.  There is plenty of dramatic action, shooting and fighting aplenty, but there is also a tongue in cheek element going on that tells the viewer this is also a bit of a comedy film as well.  The whole nuclear bomb plot is a thinly disguised McGuffin, to quote Hitchcock.  It mostly gives McCarthy a chance to tear-ass around Paris, Budapest and Rome to pull off various escapades.  Jason Statham steals the show whenever he is on screen.  His Rick Ford is akin to an action hero version of Inspector Clouseau; just wind up Rick and watch the mayhem explode around him.  Statham is hands down the funniest part of the film.  Good stuff.  Expect to see Spy 2 soon….

Huh?  What the ….:  I seriously doubt C.I.A. operatives are all trained to fly jet planes and helicopters, just in case they might need to some day.

F Bomb Alert!  – Movie exceeds 50 of them.

Dialogue Nuggets:  Bradley Fine – “I couldn’t do what I do without you in my earpiece.”

C.I.A. Version of Q:  “I think it is very brave you’re sacrificing your life for your country.”  – Susan – “I’m coming back!”  C.I.A. Q – “We’ll see….”

Rick Ford – “How did I get in this shitbox of a hotel room?  Because I’m a real spy!”

Susan (reading cover identity) – “Why do I have ten cats?  Isn’t that illegal?”

Susan – “Are you okay?”  Rayna – “No, I have a dead man’s hand on my ass!”

Susan to female assailant- “You’ve got a lot of rage inside that jump suit.”

Susan to Rick – “Don’t do that thing with your thumb again!”

Post Credits – Stick around for the last bit of tomfoolery.


Black Sea


Movie:  Black Sea

Rating:  3 1/2 Stars (Out of 5)

Review:   It is present day Great Britain, and the economy is tanking.  Times are tough at the Agora maritime company, and they have laid off salvage expert Robinson (Jude Law) after 11 years of exemplary service with a handshake and 8400 pounds of severance pay.  What’s a middle-aged naval man to do who has known no other trade than being on the sea?

Robinson and some of his other mates who have become unemployed pick up on an interesting bit of classified scuttlebutt about a Nazi submarine from WW II that went down carrying two tons of gold worth 80 million Reichsmarks.  Furthermore, they have a very good idea of where the sub is resting on the bottom of the Black Sea.  All it will take is skilled salvage men, and sailors who know how to run a Russian submarine.  Because that is all they could get their hands on for the mission, a POS Russian sub that looks like an old rust bucket.

This is a low budget film, but holds together well with a taut storyline and plenty of believable suspense.  The Nazi gold is the “white whale” for Robinson.  It is a story of adventure, greed, betrayal and redemption, definitely worth seeing if you can find it in a theater.

Actor To Watch:  Jude Law does a fine job as a lower class working man just trying to make his big score, and maybe turn his life around.

Dialogue Nuggets:   Robinson: “They fired me like flushing shit down a toilet.  This time the shit is fighting back!”

“Boats are like whores.  The old ones know how to look after you best.”

“You’re not getting anything.  You never were getting anything!”

Item Of Interest:  Some real WW II footage of German U-boats during the opening credits.